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About Us

We are three brothers and this company was formed on the simple belief that a successful A/C business is ran by acquiring jobs and fixing problems at a fair price. Our father, Alan Farquharson Sr., taught us not only how to fix an A/C right the first time, but he taught us how to it with fairness that inspires trust in our company. Our dad was everyone’s favorite A/C man whether you just met or were an old friend!

For that reason, we decided to call our company AlanAir Conditioning as a testament to his hard working and honest nature. Alan Sr. made good money at giving a great price with equal service…sounds pretty amazing huh? Well call or click here and get your experience started with AlanAir. Where the customer is our greatest salesperson!

Our Mission

Our #1 goal is to be the company you love to recommend. How many times have you switched contractors of all kinds due to bad experiences? No more. TRUST – that’s AlanAir!

Be confident that not only you can trust us, but you can tell your friends, family co-workers, and have complete confidence that they will be given great service at a fair price! Now that’s something to get you talking. That’s the AlanAir way!!

Word of Mouth!!!!

If you are a real person, please tell the next real person about AlanAir! Thank you!