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Helpful Hints / DIY

System does nothing

  1. Check/reset circuit breaker for A/C (i.e., turn all the way off, then back on)
  2. Check thermostat batteries
  3. Check water float switch (if unit has one) at bottom of air handler and remove plunger from bowl

Loss of airflow / frozen coil

  1. Turn unit to “off” setting on thermostat and to fan “on” position. Leave for 2 hours
  2. Check/replace filter while unit is turned off
  3. After 2 hours, put unit back on “cool “setting with fan on auto

System blows hot air only

  1. Check breakers and fuse box by outside unit. Unit may be turned off due to power loss.
  2. Turn unit off for 30-45 minutes at thermostat. Place back on cool. If problem persists, give us a call.

Water leak

  1. If possible, separate white PVC pipe at bottom of unit, flush with hose or vacuum with wet vac.
  2. Place buckets and towels under unit. Water leaks do not hurt the A/C system, but they can damage floors, ceilings, and hot water heaters.

*It is recommended to call professional service person.
*Never work on or open a unit with power connected to it.
*Remember, these are simple remedies that are meant to help restart a system that is not actually broken. A broken system will need professional attention to be fixed.