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Preferred Brands

Let’s Face It… cold air is cold air, right? So why pay more? Well, here’s our take…

Rheem Air Conditioners MiamiRHEEM is (in our opinion) the highest quality that we can justify at the right price. It will last just as long as any other top brand and will have few problems along the way. Probably the most popular brand in South Florida, the trademark system lets you “Relax, it’s Rheem!!!”™

Miami A.C. installs for GoodmanGoodman – For those who want good, reliable air at the best price, Goodman is for you. The systems cool for year after year and parts are very reliable. Coils sometimes have problems, but the price and warranty are unbeatable! We stand by the quality and great value of all Goodman products!

*The comments on this page are solely opinions. One should consider for themselves which brand of unit is preferable.